I am new to C++ or any form of programming language. Would appreciate any practical tips on:
- approaching problems
- techniques on writing codes
- rule of thumb for writing codes
- fixing errors
- how to define and use(call) functions
- loop
- array
- float, double
- error messages.
Basically, any general info on what i should learn to master as i begin my journey into the programming world. Don't mind a tutor if possible.

Thank-you all.

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You should google around some basic programming topics, or go to your local library or university's library to get some general programming books. www.cplusplus.com has lots of reference material to check when you're in doubt with a specific part of your code, for example, loops.

After starting to get the idea how things work, start making simple programs. Examples could include:
- Guess a random number -game
- simple calculator
- Loan payment calculator etc.

For more in-depth material, read Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++", it will give you a nice start for your programming journey.


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The best way to learn c++ is to buy a book. There is an entire thread devoted to that topic here. That thread was started 6 years ago but its still relevant because the language has not changed much since then.


There is only one way to learn to write programs, and that is by writing programs. Just get out there and do it. If you can, work on stuff that you personally find interesting; but writing programs that bore you will still teach you more than not programming at all.



The best way to enhance your skills
1. Go through the Book of C++. Object oriented programming with C++
written by E. Bala Guru Swamy.
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3. Try to develop ypur own applications.
4. Practice number of real time problems.

GOOD LUCK Happy Programming


Kolla Sanjeeva Rao

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I learned C++ predominantly from learncpp.com. The examples and explanations were very good, and the order of lessons made things logical and intuitive.


Also if u cant get a book at the moment.
Google c++ tutorials or guides
And learn from them.
Until u get a book

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