Hello !
i have created an application , and i need to send emails to different adresses.I want to do this inside my application without automating email software like outlook etc.
I have used CDO , and different activex like ostrosoft , chilkat etc .But is the same problem : Emails are sended correctly without error messages but :Some emails are received ( like in yahoo adresses) , a lot of emails are marked as spam , and all the emails sended to hotmail adresses are lost , not received.
To send emails i'm using a regular domain , with smtp server , port , user name and password.And when i send emails from the same configuration on outlook express from the same computer , all the emails are received correctly.

Please help me !
Thank you in advance.

What smtp port u use? 25 or 587?
i remember i had a similar problem once and solved it by using port 587 (because some of the email provider just blocking port 25).

Most of the hotmail id's are now @live.com.Try changing @hotmail to @live.com
Also try using port 587
smtp.Port = 587
smtp.EnableSsl = True

I use port 25 , but i don't think is a problem with port because i use this port on outlook express configuration and from outlook all the emails are sended and recieved correctly on all adresses.when i try the same configuration with CDO or activex , most of emails are marked as spam on most adresses or lost (in hotmail).
To send emails i'm using the company domain (like mydomain.com).I read on another page that maybe is a problem with emails header .I don't know , is possible to format the header of email with CDO on the same format like outlook express ?

thank you.

use redemption....with anything else you will always end up with some problem or the other. it is free for development and testing....not very expensive otherwise.

thank you !
i dont know what is redemption.where can i find it and a possible example ?

Thank you !

www.dimastr.com/redemption the site is full of samples and their yahoo forum is extremely active. Dmitry Streblechenko, the owner of this is also very proactive in helping out.