hey folks can someone help me how to use or connect database to visual basic hoping for your kindness.

God bless !!!!!!

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i dont know it either ^^

Help us please ^^

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There are different ways to connect to database.

you can either you code or components.

try using ADO or DAO.

What is the database that you are using.

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If you are using ADO (not Data1 or ADODC1) then see http://www.connectionstrings.com for you ODBC DSN Less connection string that you would use to connect to anything from text files to oracle, progress, SQL, and so on.

Good Luck

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Try the following link also on Daniweb, it has close to 24 different forms with different connections and data calls. This will help any beginner getting fluent. -


Re: visual basic 80 80

try to see it. i think it can help you.

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hey folks thanks for the help it really helps me a lot
hey folks do you know how to install the patch of spyware doctor
cauze thats my big probleem right now but things anyway god bless!

Re: visual basic 80 80

1st mark it solve. and then start a new thread plz.

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