Can someone please compile this program and send me the screen shot of the output of this program? I can not compile on the current computer I am on, and all I need is the output screen shot. Thank you so much! It is an analog clock program.

int main()
struct time *t1;      
int gdriver =DETECT,gmode;
printf("The current time is: %2d:%02d:%02d.%02d\n", t1->ti_hour,t1->ti_min,t1->ti_sec); 
if ( (t1->ti_hour) >12) {t1->ti_hour=t1->ti_hour-12;} 
pieslice(300,150,360-(t1->ti_min *6)+90,360-(t1->ti_min*6)+95,80);
pieslice(300,150,360-(t1->ti_sec *6)+90,360-(t1->ti_sec*6)+91,90);
return 0; 


1. Why do you need a screenshot?????
I really have to wonder why you would need a screenshot of a running application. I bet it has something to do with my second question:

2. Is this a homework assignment?
This is the time of year when computer science classes begin. Perhaps your instructor wants to make sure his students can get their system ready to go on assignments... If this is the case, shame on you sir. Find out what libraries you need and install them.

3. Show some effort, for the love of Turing.

That is all.

Thank you for your kindness, but your assumptions are incorrect. I am 158 miles away from my home computer and have no option to down load anything where I am. If it was that easy I would have done it on my own. Thank you.

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