How can I put graphics into my C++ console app?

Why do you want to do that instead of learning a proper graphics library? Not that I don't enjoy a nice ASCII art game every now and again, but console-based graphics are a little retro for serious software.

How do I use graphics with C++?

In order to get graphics, you need a graphic library.
A simple one to use would be Microsoft's Dark GDK. It has integration with VC++ if you are using that. An alternative would be openGL. There are many tutorials out there teaching you both of these libraries.

I'm using Dev-C++, how do I use a graphics libary and where do I get one?

Just by looking at the questions you are asking, I can tell you are not ready for this type of programming.

Yes, maybe not but I'm tired of simple cout and cin and I want to try and learn, not practise something I know.

If you would like to move from Console applications.. to graphical applications.. you could try learning Windows Programming. Though you do not need to learn windows programming to be able to display graphics with C++.. I believe it is much easier then learning OpenGL. You can find a tutorial for Windows Programming, here:

Also note: You may want to move to Visual Studio C++ from Dev C++.. though you will be fully able to create graphical applications with Dev C++. Visual Studio C++ provides pre-made programs upon which you can work off of.. to get started on Windows Programming/Software developement.

However.. everyone else is absolutely right in saying all you REALLY need to do is learn a graphic api, such as OpenGL, etc to be able to display graphics with C++.

@hag++: A person who knows C++ well.. is fully capabable of creating applications with graphics. I started displaying graphics with C++ when I barely even knew C++.