hello guys

i'm proud to join this community and be with you guys

so i saw the sticky thread but i can't figure out what the best book

i'm new to programming

but i was reading a book called : starting out c++ early objects 5th edition

and i already finshed to the 7th chapter but then i decide to got a new book in modern c++

i tried to work with Accelerated c++ but i can't work with it it's not in my way

so i need a new book and waiting your recommenditions but please tell me for Begining

from novoice


The best of anything is generally a subjective rating. Find a book you feel comfortable with and go for it. All of the books listed in the sticky note have their supporters and detractors. This generally means going to the book store and browsing throught the options. If you don't happen to live close to a book store, sometimes the online bookstores will let you do some browsing. You can always buy 2 or 3 books and pick and choose as you go through, or go throuh the one you like best and then go through the other one(s). I liked "Learn C++ in 21 Days", but it is far from a consensus favorite.

i don't know why but any thing that's called Learn XXX in XXX hours/days

c++ primer plus, c++ primer, Programming Principles and Practice Using C++,
Starting out c++ early ojbects, Thinking in c++ ( i think it's too hard for a newibe).

this is the books i know but i don't know if they are good or not for a newibe i want a thing that's learning from scratch

what is the best one of those that's i can start with or any other recommends ???

>> Thinking in c++ ( i think it's too hard for a newibe.

No just saying read that book with confident, that book is for newbies.
But don't forget to do the exercises after each chapter.If you stuck with something
just shoot your question if you can't find the answer in the google.

in thinking in c++ there are 2nd edition i have and i have the 2 volumes which i start with ????

C++ primer 4th edition (By Stanley, Josie, Barbara)

That is one of the best. After you have read that you could read "The c++ programing language by Bjarne Stroustroup".

That should do it.

Programming Principles and Practice Using C++

i was thinking in this what do you think guys???