I am a beginner in C programming language.I have seen many compilers around but I cannot understand which one will be better to use.Plz help me.


Assuming your system is running Windows of some sort? For a free one, you can get MinGW, which is a GNU compiler implementation for Windows. Look at www.mingw.org

Thanks for the reply.But I have one more question.Will I get a windows editor to do the program?

There are plenty of Windows editors, plus open source development environments such as code::blocks and eclipse that you can use which have built-in code editors.

Is Dev-C++ a good C editor?

I think Dev C++ is usually for C++ not C thought I am not sure

Please correct me if I am wrong

I think Dev C++ is usually for C++ not C thought I am not sure

Please correct me if I am wrong

Given that C is a subset of C++, it should work ok. I'm not familiar with it, however.


If you are using Windows then I'll suggest to go with Turbo C Compiler which is purely designed for C. There are two version of it TC and TC-2 out of which TC is for C and TC-2 is for C & CPP.

I am using both the compilers Dev-C and Turbo-C.....Working well till now..Hope it works well in the future as well...
Thanks everyone for their valuable suggestion.

Turbo C and Dev C are OK for small exercises, but Dev C is no longer supported (hasn't been for some years now), and Turbo C is 16 bit, which is very limiting for it's data sizes. Also, far pointers in TC are not possible (the memory model is all flat now), and several new features to the language have been added.

I love Turbo C, and still use it for small puzzles, but for anything serious, use either Microsoft Visual Express (free), and give your c programs a c filename extension (dot cpp for C++). It also has an extensive video you can d/l to show you how to get started with it - be sure to get it.

My suggestion is the delightful Pelles C IDE and compiler - everything is C only, and Windows (32 or 64 bit), and absolutely wonderful in it's simple but powerful layout of the IDE. It's also free. Google it up - and check out it's forum, while you're there.

Using either of these, you're up to date with C - with the others, you're WAY obsolete. I love(ed) Turbo C, but it's 20 years behind the times!

I still think that mingw is a good choice (full-featured GNU compiler). Install Eclipse w/ C/C++ development support and mingw, and you have a nice IDE with good compiler and debugger. All free and open source.

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