Hey there

At the moment I'm working on a little project that will make my life a little bit easier.
Nevertheless i need my application to read the memory from a proccess and then translate it into a label. Right now i got a Memory address that goes 1 and 0
so when it goes 0, the label should say "Not Active" and when it goes 1 it should change to "Active". Hope you get what i mean :<
My friend tried to help me, but he is used to c++ so we had some difficulties :P.
I'd appreciate if anybody could help me, preferable over msn (jazerix@live.com), im really a newbie in this area.

Kind Regards -Niels Faurskov

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I would love to help, but the task is not clear to me.

The first step in software development is gathering of requirements.

I don't actually understand what are the requirements or they are not clear to me


As you wish :)
Well I'm trying to develop a program that will go into a specefic proccess on the computer "Wow.exe" to be specefic. When the application is attached to Wow.exe it should look for a specefic memory address within Wow.exe "00ACD942", if the value of that address is 1 the label within my application should change to "is active" and if the value is 0, it should change to is not active. Maybe i could add you to msn ? :)

Edit: attached a pic

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alright so i got this code now

public void readmemo()
                int start_val, end_val, addr_loop;
                int val;
                start_val = int.Parse("00ACD9A2", System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);

                end_val = int.Parse("00ACD9A2", System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
                for (addr_loop = start_val; addr_loop <= end_val; addr_loop++)
                    IntPtr ptr = new IntPtr(addr_loop);

                    val = System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReadByte(ptr);
                    textBox1.Text = val.ToString();

how can i make it read it from the process "Wow.exe"?

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