Hey everyone,

This is my first post so please bear with me.

I've had my own build desktop for some years, but last week the CPU died, it would start up, only to fail.

So I'm thinking of getting a new motherboard and CPU, and was hoping for some recommendations.


Gigabyte motherboard: ga-k8nf-9
CPU: AMD Althlon 64 3000+
4 x 512mb PC3200 DDR 400Mhz 184pin DIMM
Ge Force 6600

I noticed that the newer chips don't support DDR memory? So any recommendations would be welcome including cheap sites and places I can buy these parts.

Thanks a lot.

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None of the newer chips or motherboards support DDR. Perhaps you might want to look at getting an older chip to drop in that motherboard, if you're not willing to go whole-hog?

Thanks for your reply alc6379. I know newer chips and motherboards don't support DDR hence the thread.

I'm looking for older hardware, by 'new' I meant 'not used'.

If you know of any motherboards and CPUs that support DDR please let me know.

I did find one whilst surfing the net: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Foxconn-NF4SK8AA-8KRS-NF4-SLI-S939-PCI-E-%28x16%29-DDR-400-266-333-SATA-II-SATA-IDE-RAID-ATX

Unfortunately it's awaiting ETA. So if anyone knows of any others I'd really appreciate a link or two.


Searching for socket 939 boards I found this:
I don't know anything about this seller but they seem to have a lot in stock.

but if you look at this site:
You'll see you are getting close to the price of a bundled processor/motherboard/memory
(I've bought a couple of these kits)

It may be a false economy to get an old board just to re-use old memory, especially when memory is one of the cheapest components right now.

This is coming from someone who has a drawer full of old simms and dimms!

That's great prixat, appreciate it.

Yeah you maybe right.

I'm thinking of buying another PC anyway. But this system has lasted me 7 years - I recently upgraded the memory so if I replace the CPU and motherboard I'm hoping my mother will get another 7 years out of it.

Thanks again for your input.

google the numbers on your motherboard and see what comes up or search it on ebay. Don't be surprized if its the power supply though. It is doubtful that the processor and the board are both bad its one or the other most likely.

Yeah, it's the CPU that's died but since it's been 7 years I thought I may aswell update them both at the same time. The power supply is fine, hard drive works great, memory is good.

Just looking for a motherboard that takes '4 x 512mb PC3200 DDR 400Mhz 184pin DIMM' and a compatible CPU that goes with it.

Doesn't have to be anything too fancy, the most sophisticated thing you'll catch my mum doing is feeding her superpoke pet on facebook :P

I'm surprised there's not a site you can pick old hardware up inexpensively, the motherboard wasn't that expensive when I got it I don't think.

But thanks maddog, I'll give ebay a whirl see if it comes up with any gems :)

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