im a total newbie to c#, visual studio .net 2003 and even Access database 2000.. im doing my forms using visual studio and my data are all stored in access db..

i've some vague concepts abt how to design my app.. im not sure it'll work as i do not have enough knowledge yet, and i doubt i'll have enough time to research and come out with a solution on my own..
and so im here now, need some guidance, hopefully it's explained very simply to me as i really have some difficulty understanding those acronyms/terms for an app...

im doing this> a user keys in an ID no. in a textbox and then hits the enter key/Go button in a main form in visual studio, and the app will retrieve selected data (that ID no. user's data) out of Access tables and display that data in another form within Visual studio..

i hope to use wizards as far as possible due to simplicity and time constrain.. i understand that i cant get the wizards to meet all my criterias/expectations/aims so if need be, im ok to not use a wizard and build from scratch.. but that's where i get seriously stuck, i donno how to use visual studio TOGETHER with Access db.. i already read tutorials and help books but they are meant to teach a user to create forms and queries all WITHIN Access itself.. i wont be doing any forms within Access; im only doing forms in Visual studio and keeping data in Access.. i read microsoft access help but it's not basic enough for me to understand.. i need a simpler or more idiot teaching method but i cant find it online.. any recommendations? to be emphasized again> im really short of time.. so i cant read up too long either.. i cant understand as quickly without truly doing and exploring the work process... so in a dilemma now, whether to read and learn or doing by trial and error..

some things i have to do:

1) how can i retrieve selected data (that is, retrieving just the data of user with that particular ID no.) from access db to display in my form?

2) i've a form for employer to fill in.. this is to create files for customers who do not have a file stored in the db yet.. how can i save/store all the data that has been filled in into access db and at the same time ensure that the data is stored under a particular ID no.? (among the info filled in, one of the fields entered is ID no. so i want to keep all these data under THIS ID no. that's entered in the form)

3) does anyone know anything about nevron chart, .net charting or microsoft chart control 6.0? i would like to use the data (date and time of transaction) from db and display these data in a graphical manner, that is, to display data from db in a bar chart which is within visual studio.. which chart software can be supported/can be run along with access db and visual studio .net... which chart software is more appropriate for my needs?

please help me! i've tried on my own already but i cant do... i really appreciate your understanding!
thank you very much! :)

use capabilites. these will allow you to connect your program to a database (like access) and be able to retrieve, insert, delete, etc records and information in your c# program

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