Hi team, I've written a windows program and it works nicely but its really slow when it retrieves the data from the server.

Program Overview:

The program allows users to search through a database and add contacts if they want. Some of the fields on the forms fill up depending on data the get from the database eg branch will fill up with all the branches in the db.

I think that is part of the process that slows it down. I can post up my programming code if you want.

Problem is that I can't store a local copy of the database because it isn't secure and people could possibly have access to the data and steal it. So unless they're is a way around this I need some ideas that could make the program more efficent or require it to fetch data less regularly.

I was thinking of storing the database in a variable when the program starts and the program can just carry out the sql queries on the recordset if thats possible. Any more ideas are more than welcome

Thanks, Andrew

It is a difficult one to answer without seeing some code that you have.

It could be a number of places that it is slow....your code...the sql queries that you run....potentially the network connectivity to the server and the volume of data you're downloading could also be a factor.