this is my first post ever sow please don't kill me right away but I am looking for some code to get started with ...

I am a hardware guy :o but I would like to start using my basic knowledge on C++ for one of my personal project and I need to get some HEX out of my COM1, most people told me that it's allways best to work with some existing code sow ...

I have XP pro on a P IV (Intell- Dell) and I would like to get something like B5 06 02 01 02 8B out of my com at a speed of 300, no parity bit, 1 stop bit. I would prefer to use devc++ unless anyone knows something better?

Can someone tell me where to go or "donate" some code?

I will be forever gratefull ...


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Thank you,

I'll study it and try it out ...

I have been able to communicate with my device (hercules tool) now but I think I am getting some trouble from the counters in my device. I 'll have to look into that first.

Thx. again

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