Daily life magazine wants an analysis of the demographic characteristics its readers. The marketing department has collected reader survey records containing, the age, gender, maritial status, and annual income of the readers. Design an application that allows a user to enter reader data and, when data entry is complete produces a count of readers by age groups as follows: under 20, 20-29, 30-39,40-49, and 50 and older

What have you got so far?

Create a structure to hold all the information and a linked list to contain the structures of each individual.

You may need to create 5 special functions in the class that returns the number of people under 20 (1), 20-29 (2), 30-39 (3), 40-49 (4), 50 and older (5).

Step 1: Input individual one at a time & enter them into a structure.
Step 2: Repeat step 1 for as many people
Step 3: Seperate them by age group. You can either use an int age and seperate them out every time there's a query for a specific age group, or you can create an array of linked lists and put them in a specified linked list based on their age and make an int size to keep a reference of the size of each individual linked list.