Help me with this project?:

You will create a login system that allows a user to access his/her account. A successful login is defined when both the login and password match. Once a successful login occurs, the program should welcome the user by using their Employee ID.
Eg. Welcome Employee 6529
After 3 unsuccessful logins, the user will get an “Unauthorized Access Too Many Failed Login Attempts” message and will not be allowed to input any more login or password information. If a successful login occurs then the unsuccessful logins is reset back to zero.
Use the following id’s and passwords in your program.
Employee ID: 6529
Password: 6529
Employee ID: 2928
Password: 2928
Employee ID: 4646
Password: 4646
The program must be documented.
Programmer Name: Date: Assignment 1: Some information on what your program does.
Please pick variable names that apply to that variable.

Help you do what exactly? Write the program for you? No in this lifetime.

I assume you have a choice of whether you want to store those user names and passwords in a password text file or just hardcode them in your program. The instructions was ambiguous about that.

Create an infinite loop that prompts for user name and password, checks the list that you were given. If a match is found then exit the loop. Otherwise if no match was found let the program loop back to the beinning of the loop and ask again.

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no help

This is a project I have been working on, can anyone show me how to do it please?

If you have already been working on it, where is the pseudocode or c++ code that you have written?

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If you have already been working on it, where is the pseudocode or c++ code that you have written?

HI AD, i think you again forgot that this is a c forum :)

So can anyone do this for me? I really need it done and I do not understand it. I have been trying different exercises but I still do not get it, please help.

We're not a "do the program for you", forum. We help people with THEIR programs, if we can.

If you really have no code or pseudo code, at all, check out Google for homework sites, and see if you can find a "do it for you", forum.

Maybe hire a programmer? Won't help in a test, but it's something.

not helpful
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