I'm developing a simple file manager. So, I have two components: JTree & JTable. When I open some folder in JTree, then JTable is updated according to the content of that folder. JTable contains 3 columns: file_type, file_name, file_bytes. The code works correctly.

Now I need to add some more columns to describe each file in JTable, e.g. file_author, file_description, file_link. How could I assign/read these data to/from files? Should I use metadata?

P.S: "Accessing metadata from files

Have a look at Apache "Tika" http://tika.apache.org/
It may be a bit over the top for what you need now, but it's probably the comprehensive file metadata utility you will find in Java.

NIO 2 is the answer to many file-related limitations in Java, but it's part of Java 7, which has major schedule problems. Its highly unlikely that you will see anything released before mid-2011.

Its pre-release and incomplete. Use it at your own risk!