As i am new to use mouse interface in c.

Please tell me how can we check mouse is connected or not.

How can we get co-ordinate from computer screen when we clicked it.

i just want that how can we store co-ordinate of screen in variable when we clicked on the screen.

Please reply as soon as possible.

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what operating system and compiler?

Turbo c compiler and windows xp operating system

Well you had better use a different compiler becuse you can't access win32 api mouse functions from that 16-bit compiler. MS-Windows != MS-DOS.

This blog has some insights and input on win32 api and mouse interactions.

They still offer the Visual Studio 2008 C++ IDE as the express version (found on the right most tab)

I would rather suggest you apply layer of abstraction for sake of simplicity and may be future Xplatform, if it is not a homework. Jump yourself into wxWidgets,GTKmm, or QT
They really simplify things and abstract you from dirty calls to OS directly.

I hate LPVOID and some other ugly Win32 stuffs :)

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