Can i create a Ms access database through java code?
Can i place Ms access Database inside my project and can i manipulate them?

Don't do it through MS Access. If you a need a "simple" db that you can use "anywhere" (which you can't with MS Access, BTW) use JavaDB/Derby and distribute the derby.jar with your app.

Otherwise, what you need is the JDBC-ODBC Bridge (Google that), but the only way to "create" one from your program would be to first manually create an empty one yourself and then simply "file copy" that to "create" others.

but if you had one, and you're JDBC-ODBC bridge works (and your code as well), yes, you can enter data in the db, you can update or delete it, the entire works.
but, just as Masjiade, I would recommend against using MS Access

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