I have two questions for you,

1. Browse pictures!

How do i view and browse pictures on the same way as in picasa or bridge. In my DB i have only path to the pictures.

2. Zooming.
If i then want to zoom in this pictures again in the same way as i browsing mode in picasa or adobe bridge.


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Have a search on this forum, both these kinds of questions have already been answered.


What kind of keywords should i search for, have made a few searches and found nothing useful.


Search for zooming graphics or magnify.
As for the view and browsing pictures, it's not difficult to load thumbnails and what not to view them. Having an interface to view and browse the pictures would end up being limited by your imagination and time. The more cool looking you want it, the more time you're going to pour into it. If you just want to have the pictures in a list that you scroll from top to bottom, just use a single column datagridview and stick them in there. Of course it depends on the size of your image library and once again how much time you want to put into your interface.

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