2.1 Banner

Write a program that outputs your unique name (no longer than 8 characters) in large capital letters that are
composed of asterisks ”*” and spaces ” ” in a 6 × 6 For example, my unique name is:
unix-prompt >> ./a.out

2.2 Escape this!

Write a different program that outputs every printable character on a standard keyboard (uppercase and lowercase),
everything accessible with the “shift” key, as well as the effect of all of the escape characters described at the
bottom of page 51 in the course notes/online book. You have to use every character, in any order you desire. Be

2.3 Series-ly easy

Write a program that accepts a float, called p, between -1.0 and 1.0 (inclusive). For this assignment, you do not
have to test that the input falls in this range. Then perform the following calculation:
P = 1+p + p2 + p3 + p4 + p5 + p6 + p7 + p8 + p9 + p10
and output P. You may not use any “loops” in your program, nor may you use any functions from the math
library, nor may youdefine any functions. (Don’t worry if youdid not understand the last sentence. It was meant
to confound any experienced programmers out there.)

2.4 Extra credit

For extra credit, write a programme that outputs a fancy graphic using only cout statements, and any character
you can type from the keyboard. The best example from each of the 9 30x sections (Your GSIs will be the judges.)
will receive 1 extra credit point. The best overall graphic (I will be the judge!) will earn another extra credit
point. The winning graph will be published in the online book, with a generous acknowledgement, of course.