Hey guys i have a real issue

I want to do these 3 things from an applet:
1) Load an URL into a frame inside the browser


2) Insert data into a form which is inside a frame in the users browser, and then submit the form using the submit element of the form


3) Send HTTP POST data from the applet but have the response act inside the frame inside the browser.

If this helps, this is the architecture:
Applet inside browser on a page, the page has a iFrame where all content is destined to be loaded.

I've done a lot of research, and asking here is definitely my last resort. I thank you very much for taking the time to read/and respond to this thread.


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There is a method in the AppletContext class that allows an applet to request the browser to show a web page.
I don't know how an applet in one page can communicate with another html page in the browser. Maybe there is some javascript code that can do that.

Thanks - yeh i'm a little bit concerned about security if i execute javascript commands directly into the browser, although perhaps i could create an encryption algerithm to protect everything...

Thank you for your insight :)

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