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I know this is an old post.Didn't feel like exploring this sick site just to post a new one. But seriously Daniweb sucks. Its full of ppl who think they are the greatest programmers alive and everyone else are donkos. And they dont even know anything. All they can do is give links to external libraries no one wants. They dont even have the basic common sense to understand a person's query. The standard answer to a question they cant answer is 'We wont do ur homework', even if the person hasn't asked for it. Not to mention they have no basic manners nor courtesy.
Pathetic. Daniweb is an insult to all programmers. PLEASE QUIT.

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You created an account just to say that?
In the words of Narue...

I encourage you to piss off.

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I've always found DaniWeb to be full of really helpful and friendly people if I was to be honest. I'm pretty sure that there is no standard answer to a question however people don't learn if others do there homework for them. I think maybe this thread should be closed to stop any further spam.

I've got a library which you can obtain at http://code.google.com/p/crylib/ using subversion. It's basically my playground for learning and exploring some concepts. It was written using cbuilder, and gcc so it should be compatible with your system.

The wiki gives a bit of an intro to some of the things.

It currently does not use templates very much, this is where you come in. Try to rewrite as many classes as you can using templates. Separate the original code and the template code with #ifdef's so you can compile it either way.

Most classes have unit test cases built in, (another ifdef) so you can create a test suite fairly easily to verify your code.

Good luck, and if you decide to take this on, please post your results, and if I like them, I'll incorporate them into the existing library.

I can't say that I have ever seen such boorish behavior, at least not when it wasn't warranted. :P:cool:

Doesn't matter if it's a programming site or not; if you're going to come in to a site brand new and throw some cockiness around, you better expect some cockiness back, and be able to take it.