Ok so first let me say hi, im new to the forum, 1st time poster but long time follower. I'm a student, who knows some java and some c#, but not enough to be proficient in either =( hoping to turn that around with c# over the next 3 months.

so heres the first problem ive run into thats driving me crazy: im trying to just do a normal prompt, and then read the data entered in by user and convert to int. done it plenty of times, but for some reason I can't seem to get the dumb terminal to come up! (im using a mac, and for now at least Im using mono...but tomorrow while im out im going to install 7 on parallels) I think it has something to do with how im calling it, but i have it set up like this:

class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            test t1 = new test();


class test 
        public void Run()
			int firstNumber;
			int secondNumber;
			Console.WriteLine("Welcome to the number comparer!");
			Console.Write("Enter the first number: ");
			firstNumber = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());
			Console.Write("Enter the second number: ");
			secondNumber = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());
			if (Math.Abs(firstNumber - secondNumber) <= 5)				
				Console.WriteLine("{0} and {1} are within 5 integers of each other!", firstNumber, secondNumber);
				Console.WriteLine("{0} and {1} are NOT within 5 integers of each other!", firstNumber, secondNumber);

im sorry, im sure it is something so freaking stupid and im gunna be embarassed...but i am just making this switch as of last week back from java to c#. anyways, thanks in advance for your help. i hope those tags work =/

Oh shoot, sorry had one more question: could debugging help me figure this out? Ive always sucked with the debugger, but mainly because i can never get it to work like i see in examples and what not outside of those examples haha. if you could also tell me for this example, how i could have solved it with the debugger, id be mighty appreciative. thanks again!

sorry my bad didn't read carefully.

There are no dumb questions!
Try this: maybe it is a dumb answer :)

Do you use the MonoDevelop IDE?
>> to install 7 on parallels Do you mean Windows 7?
I use Boot Camp, which is part of Mac OS X v10.5 and higher and I installed Visual Studio (Express editions are for free)
Runned your code and it works great.

ya I wanted to use parallels to install windows 7, sorry about the confusion. but it was giving me problems last night. Not sure why MonoDevelop's IDE won't display a terminal (equiv. of command) box for me! And because of that, I cant seem to have any interactions with the program...I guess thats my only problem.

Sorry I just have asked some questions before where once there answered i feel reaaaal red in the face =)

Guess ill try bootcamp if parallels doesn't work again...


Perhaps I also forgot to point out, Boot Camp is IBM OR Mac.
Parallels is IBM AND Mac.
Happy computing :)