hi guys...

I'm developing a commercial app using VB6 ,
this time in my case I have to be worried about the code disclosure

I konw any app can be cracked by a Pro Cracker,
but I'm targeting people with a Decompiler (like this) with no assembly knowledge,
It's not good to let the begginers rip you code

and I know some of you will say something like :
"No decompiler works 100% to get your code, People can take your Code Structur only"
that's cool with me ... but I don't want them to see my Meaningful Names, that's exactly what I'm looking for "Not To Let Them See My Meaningful Names",
I know it doen't harm me if they are begginers ....
but it's just not good, especially in my case

I googled a lot, and I found a lot of VB.Net ,C# , JS ,vbs ,PHP , Python ....etc obfuscators/scramblers/cryptors...etc

but for VB6:

•I got this CodeCrypt-SourceCode-(Obfuscated).zip
Number of downloads: 4, it's open source (Obfuscated ), every time I try to use it, it just crashes ...and I can't figure out why, because it's Obfuscated

•I got this [Aco] Abronsius Code Obfuscator V0.4.zip
Number of downloads: 4, it's not good, It can obfuscate one ModuleFile a time(you can't obfuscate the whole project)

•I tried a lot of EXE Obfuscators, all of them just ruined my file

•after I tried hard to get an obfuscator from googling and failed
I decided to develop a tool to do the job,
what I did till now ( Analyzing project files, files procedures, files declarations, procedure parts (params,return, code), params parts ....etc ),and I did some of the replacement cases,
but by time, I'm discovering how hard it is to create such a tool in such a limited period (like a procedure having a local Object which has a member that is an abject which has member ....etc ... so hard)

so guys... anybody with an experience in this area please
sorry if it's long question, but I tried to answer some questions you might ask me,
and save your precious time
and prove that I tried to solve me problem but I FAILED ...
so I need you help
thanks in advance

I am not that cluded up on obfuscators (meaning to To darken; to obscure; to becloud; hence, to confuse; to bewilder. To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand as per Randy Birch), but I did find a few links which might put you on the right track.

Good luck.

http://vbnet.mvps.org/index.html?code/algorithms/obfuscatedstring.htm ,
Hopefully you will find your answer in there somewhere.

thanks for trying to help
sir ... I said before that I have googled a lot, and I saw every post talks about "VB6 Obfuscating"
including these three links you appreciated gave me ...
in the posts I saw :
some give broken links, some give not working tools, some say it's not necessary ....etc
I hope someone gives me a tested tool that is working .....
thanks again for trying to help

It's a pleasure. Hope you find the solution soon. If you do and it was not here on Daniweb, please post the solution for future questions. I must admit, I have never really bothered about obfuscating my code. You must be busy with something really important.

Good luck.