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I'm supposed to develop a very simple game as my project this year. And we are supposed to use dos compiler only ( i don't know why though). Is there any website which could help me in the very basics of game programming like drawing shapes, moving those objects.etc..I'd be happy if anyone can suggest me a good website. Thank You !

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What is the name of your compiler?

Allegro is a game-programming library that supports DOS.

If you give us more details about what kind of game you're making, it'll allows us to help you better.

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I am using turboC++ 3.0.

My goodness. That's an ancient compiler. Most of the graphics libraries today won't work with it, so I think you're limited to what graphics capabilities Turbo has by default (conio.h/graphics.h).

Your school should fire whichever teachers are forcing you to use it.

with turboC and dos or 16bit windows you can have some real fun with modex and mode13h. Look here for some tuts to get you started.
You might also find ralf browns interrupt list helpful. google for it.

But what you could do with TurboC++ graphics libraries is make mods for Tyrian...

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