i am a newbie to python (well to all programming really)
i am having problems with "pywinuato" i have downloaded it and installed it but when i try to import it,
it states that there is no module names "pywinauto" am i missing something.
also i tried deleting it and reinstalling and now when i try the set-up script it doesn't run and when i do run it in idle it says invalid syntax every few lines (like it was the very first code to have ever been written with lots of mistakes)
am i missing something or is it just me being stupid and not doing something right
i hope there is someone out there who has had the same problem and knows how to solve it.
i have been googling this problem for 2 days now and have not got anywhere

Did you install SendKeys module? I think it is a pre-requisite.

no, due to the fact that the latest version is for 2.5 and cant seem to find an alternative module for it any help would be great as this function is required in order to complete my work

If that is the case, why don't you install python 2.5? Many modules are not compatible with 3.x as of now. That's why you still see 2.7 being rolled out.

i had 2.5 but have deleted it and don't really want to use 2.5 as we need the most up-to-date software running on ours servers here. i have got to the point where i have given up trying to convert all the files in pywinauto up to 3.1 as its a never ending circle of errors. is there any functions i can use which are build in to 31 for controlling programs from the python script

How about pywin32? I think it has support for 3.1.

pywin32 is installed as part of the basic download as far as i can tell and if it wasn't i have it installed already but with no luck i am really stumped on what to do now is there any other functions for calling programs and controlling them? any help would be great

I am not sure what is your main objective for using pywinauto. But you can consider win32com module, it also allows for some level of automation.