I used autonumber for my id. i attach the screen shot..

and i dont know how to make a code for compute command..

It should compute all the payments on that day, but i really dont have an idea how to make it.. ill attach my vb and access so you can guys take a look..
Access And VB.zip

thanks guys :D

Well you could use the SUM(fieldname) in a query but it is hard to tell with what little information you have given...

Good Luck

what the problem friend?

what the problem friend?

that's why im asking for any info i can have so i can make a lil one..

sorry then.. ooo btw, I was not asking for you guys to make code..

i was just asking for some info :D

sorry about the post.. i was drunk. hehe..

do you guys have some notes that i can read on my problem?

the problem is, i dont have the knowledge on printing something using MS word..

and im not familiars with queries.. can you guys explain it to me?
hehe.. thanks :)