Can anyone please tell me if there are any sites where i can practice programming? i mean sites like TopCoder, SPOJ, CodeChef.

But i needed a site where there is an explanation for problems(so that i can understand the basic algorithmic concepts) and then go on practicing it.

i tried the above mentioned sites, but i found it a little hard. Can anyone please suggest sites wherein i can first try and understand how to solve problems.


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Sounds like what you want are tutorials. There are lots of sites that have them, such as DaniWeb, and Dream.In.Code

As for practicing -- just do it on your own computer with your own compiler. Unless of course you don't have a computer of your own.


Thanks for the reply Anicent Dragon. Are there any sites dedicated to Algorithms? i mean tutorials only on Algorithm design and analysis?


I don't know if there are sites dedicated to any other specific types of algorithms, you will have to do some googling for that. That being saie, sorting-algorithms.com is one that I use for obvious reasons.

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