Can anyone please tell me if there are any sites where i can practice programming? i mean sites like TopCoder, SPOJ, CodeChef.

But i needed a site where there is an explanation for problems(so that i can understand the basic algorithmic concepts) and then go on practicing it.

i tried the above mentioned sites, but i found it a little hard. Can anyone please suggest sites wherein i can first try and understand how to solve problems.


Sounds like what you want are tutorials. There are lots of sites that have them, such as DaniWeb, and Dream.In.Code

As for practicing -- just do it on your own computer with your own compiler. Unless of course you don't have a computer of your own.

Thanks for the reply Anicent Dragon. Are there any sites dedicated to Algorithms? i mean tutorials only on Algorithm design and analysis?

I don't know if there are sites dedicated to any other specific types of algorithms, you will have to do some googling for that. That being saie, sorting-algorithms.com is one that I use for obvious reasons.