Hi all,

I am working on a program that will take up Excel files, with columns in a certain order and with specific names, and load the data into a MySQL database table.
This I have already achieved.
My challenge is how to have an email address where the Excel files will be mailed and stored at a location where the program (which I have mentioned above), will pick them up and load the data.I am not sure how to achieve this though, whether by Java or what.
Please assist and I thank you in advance.

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Thanks Varshahooda for the positive contributions.

however I am not sure whether I should come up with a Java program that edits the Windows registry key (I'm on Windows currently) so that email attachments are saved some place like C: drive or what.

Someone knowledgeable in this, kindly help me.

JavaMail allows you to receive and process mail from a POP or IMAP source.

Very nice link James.Indeed very enlightening on this matter.

I think if you continue to shun rudeness you could help many more people(like in this case).

Remember, rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength and might I say also that, it's the hallmark of budding programmers who have the illusion of being accomplished developers

Thank you.

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