hi ,, i am kunal ,, n m a 3rd year b.e. student ,, really in need of mini projects on c as well as c++ .. can u plz plz help ??

I'm afraid we can't really give you project ideas because we don't know you or your abilities.

All you can really do is keep your eyes open and pay attention to what you're working on. Then, if you notice something that you could make simpler to do by writing a program, start writing that program.

Can you think of any simple games that you would want to have a go at? Something like Blackjack or Farkle?

hey .. now that c/c++ projct ovr ya .. can u plz hlp for any graphics projct ?? i mean were v can make project using graphics language ... actly i hav som ideas of making games n all or may b animation bt i want smthin much betta .. last tym my friend made paint in that .. plz giv some idea for that n evn coding if possible ..

and evn sory for late reply ,, actly m new here in daniweb so i dint knew wer to check for replies ..

I think first of all you should buy new keyboard. In programming it is really important not to miss letters in words, and with your current equipment I see it is impossible. Or maybe you just write in such manner, but I don't suppose anybody would ask for help with so little respect for other people.

Google = your best friend
Cprogramming.com = for c and c++ tutorials
Cplusplus.com = c++ specific tutorials

Sorry if this counts as advertising but they really are good sources.

any coding problem ask here but don't ask for code with out at least showing an effort.
Graphics specific granted that you can code proper and such I'd recommend gtk or qt or for an all in package if suggest sdl. Be sure to read the associated licenses to see your legal rights.
I can tell you that sdl permits you to create applications as freeware or commercially but you need to buy the commercial license to sell your application but for freeware it's not bad
Also please at least show an effort to type words out all the way unless your keyboard is broken in which case you can pick one up for like 20 bucks new or 5 at a flea market. I've been there my favorite keyboard inlcde a 3 s t keys don't work which is a nightmare for coding c as I can't type #include.

ok ok ... i am really sorry for using such bad wording language .. i am new here and i dont know anything here .. its not like i dont have respect but i didnt knew about that .. so once again sorry for that .. and please help if possible for any graphics language project in opengl ...

really thanks for your reply .. but i want an idea for making something in opengl .. any software ?? or may be a good game ?? just give a good idea and i will work for the code ... if any problem with the code i will ask you .. and sorry for my bad wording language .. i didnt knew about this and all .. thanks for your reply ..

To start opengl project you must first learn it. If I recall correctly, this is very good opengl tutorial. After learning basic stuff you should also look at the Red Book.

ok i am looking for that site you gave .. but what is this red book ? and even any idea for any software in opengl ?

Kunal google neon helium the site is a bit dated but some of the information Is still relevant. By the way the red book is the authoritative book on coding OpenGL.