Anybody here ever use wrappers? I have a project that I have been wanting to code for years now but never had the resources to do so until now. I am not a programmer by trade but have studied programming in the 80s. I have used VB in access.

The wrapper accesses a DLL for a virtual world chat program. I am trying to write a bot that monitors and returns events in the virtual world. There is little information on programming for this product but I am determine to code this project.

So I am wondering if anybody here has experience in using wrappers and would be interested in answering questions from me about my project?

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a wrapper is just an object that acts as a middle ground to communicate with a library, program, or api to simplify its use, they are all different. The .net framework is a big wrapper for windows core functions. All programming involves the abstraction, whether its a layer you created, or one someone else did.

This forum is for helping, but you have to ask a direct question, "how does this work:, "What is this?", or "Does any one want to help?" questions typically don't get answered. Post a particular question about something you need help with and it will be read. and if anyone knows they will post a reply.

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nice answer :)

Thank you for your response. My main reason for not posting a specific question at this time was to test the waters and see if there was anyone who knew anything about my type of project (using wrappers). There is little chance that anyone here knows anything about the virtual world I am coding the project for so I just needed to know if anyone knew anything about wrappers. I thought a wrapper was a go-between for two different languages for example a DLL written in C++ and you code in C#. My thinking was that even though the DLL is compiled into assembly language the methods would still be based on the particular language that was used to code it. From your answer then I surmise that I don’t really need to use the wrapper to access the DLL that handles events in virtual world. Again thank you for your response.

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You can use a wrapper to 'convert' a non-.NET dll to one that is easily used by a .NET language, or you can use the interop services (P/Invoke) to access the DLL. There are a wide variety of ways to do each of those so, like the other poster said, a more specific question (i.e. I have a dll with a method I want to call that has a signature "int gsapi_set_display_callback (void *instance, display_callback *callback);" how would I use this in C#?) will more likely get a response.

I'd also like to point out part of your request:

So I am wondering if anybody here has experience in using wrappers and would be interested in answering questions from me about my project?

Just ask what you'd like to know.

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