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Hello all,

So I am a college student learning c++ (planning to major in computer science). Just my luck, the computer science department using visual studio for their entry level classes, which I have been using with no issues for the last year via a VM; I can access the school computers and run VB from my macbook pro. I am now in more mid-upper level classes and we use Linux for the majority of our programs.

So far I have been programming using the terminal ssh client, which I understand, but can be difficult to navigate at times, especially when using ADT's and switching between .h, .cpp and the client files. In studio you can just click a tab, and we all know how annoying it is to switch in the terminal. We are all using linux, however, one of my friends has found it much easier to debug and navigate by writing all of his code in visual studio, and then using the ssh secure share client (for windows) to import his files seamlessly from studio to this ssh and then turn in his assignments via this ssh and linux as required.

So my question is, is there any way to write my c++ files (.h, .cpp, etc) in XCode, and transfer them into terminal??

If not, is there an alternate ssh application that I could download, which allows this type of transfer? I have researched on google, and tried downloading a few, but they were either useless or classic applications which I could not open. I also don't really know what to look for, because there are so many versions (ssh-1, ssh-2 protocol only, FTP, etc.) and I'm not quite up to the knowledge level of what these allow.

Please help