Hi guys/girls,

I have an exe that has been written in C# using visual studio

Is there a was I can de-compile it back into the C# code - It seems to be some what protected

exe files I've created myself using Visual Studio and C# I can see the code when I "Disassemble" using Reflector

However all i seem to get is things like this when I de-compile the exe I want to:

There is a lot of [DebuggerNonUserCode] within it and I'm not sure what that is

// Fields
    private  ;
    private  ;
    private DataRelation ;
    private SchemaSerializationMode ;

    // Methods
    public  ();
    public  ();
    private bool ();
    public DataRelationCollection ();
    public DataTableCollection ();
    internal void ();
    internal void (bool );

When I "Disassemble" my exe I get real code like this:

private void cmdFind_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.lblMatch.Visible = false;
    this.lblNoMore.Visible = false;
        if (this.txtSearch.Text == "")
            this.lblMatch.Visible = true;

you get the point

I'm not trying to pirate anything or anything like that because I know something like that will go through someones head haha

All I'm trying to do is get a look at the code so I can see how it works before I start working

Any help would be appreciated


It looks like they ran it through an obfuscator so you can't easily decompile it to get the source code. You can still get the source code, but you'll have to read what was decompiled, figure out what it is doing and substitute your own variable names/procedure names into the code. Not fun, easy or fast :)

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