i want to know about jena api,i have downloaded it but i m not able to install it,i searched for the google images for jena api but found nothing and i came to know that it is not a tool,it is a collection of libraries which can be imported to another tools like eclipse in order to do jena programming..........

is this true?? help me......

Yes, it is a library. To install it read the INSTALL.TXT file included in the archive, a copy of which is quoted below.


Welcome to Jena, a Java framework for writing Semantic Web

Jena is a library for RDF and OWL. To use Jena in your application, ensure
all the .jar files in the lib/ are on the classpath or available to your
web application. Jena is tested with these .jar files - Jena includes a
copy of Xerces as it relies on specific features that change between

There are also some helper applications. These are detailed in

A copy of the Jena web site is included in the doc/ directory, starting at
doc/index.html. The full documentation index is doc/documentation.html