import java.util.Scanner ;
public class Verk6
	static public void main(String[]args)
		Scanner scan=new Scanner( ;
		double[] a=new double[1000] ;
		Stats stats=new stats() ;
		int i=0 ;
			i++ ;
		Arrays.sort(a, 0, i) ;
			int m=i/2 ;
			System.out.println("Median value:"+(a[m-1]+a[m])/2.0) ;
			System.out.println("Median value:"+a[i/2]) ;
		System.out.print("Count of numbers less than average:") ;
		System.out.println(Verk6(a, 0, i, stats.average())) ;

This is supposed to count all numbers below average, but I keep getting errors, whats wrong with my program??

What "errors". The complete stack trace / compiler message please.

What errors exactly - if there's a message please quote it in full - if its a wrong result tell us what the actual and expected results are.

please post your errors with line numbers

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