Hi , can any one explain me this code
public class Howcome {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(“Bank of America”);
System.out.println(“Online Banking”);

even though https:// BofA lyin as orphan string in between this codes compiles and executes fine..???

Please post your code in code tags to preserve formatting and to show the real code without there being a hyperlink in the middle of it.

In java you can create a label to use with loops, break & continue statements. See http://www.janeg.ca/scjp/flow/labels.html for an example of how this works. The syntax for creating a label is an identifier, followed by a colon. Then remember that single-line comments in java start with //. So the code you asked about is interpreted as a label ("https:") and then a comment (//www.bankofamerica.com).

commented: very good +3

kramerd: that is so neat. Thanks for making my day! J

Thank you very much for replying... have a great day guys!!