Using System;
Using NUnit Framework;   


       public class system


           Program a1 = new Program


              public void Test()

    Program a1 = new Program();



This test case i have written. if the client change his system environment there should be not any effect on C# coding please check and telling me is there any change and is this the write one please help me out with the correction

Testing for equality in C# is done with == not = so your line 21 is wrong (and should give you a compile error).

And I'm not sure what you are trying to test for, so I can't help you write your test.


Thanks for reply.

Well can you please help me by tell perfect meaning of NUint i have done lots of RND but the most thing is i get stuck somewhere or other i have gown throw NUnit site even code project site. i am very new for this can you please help me by giving simple example of it.

And i have written this code even i know there is a mistake this code is for : if client is changing his System environment will this will effect my c# coding. Thats why i have written this code to check.

please tell me know about this i would be really very much thankful to you.

Thanks & Regards