Ok wild stab in the dark as i am new to this.

I am trying to sutomate an FTP from UNIX box to another UNIX box.

Further to aumating an FTP, the file needs to be renamed and a small amount of editing which is the same editing each time. I know i can do this using VI but can i automate this?

And lastly i have to have the originating UNIX box sequence these files.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Can anyone help??


Instead of ftp use scp (secure copy) or rcp(remoter copy). To copy file1 from myserver in /home/me to newserver1 in /tmp you would enter:

scp /home/me/file1 newserver1:/tmp

System would prompt for your password in scp if you have not configured ssh keys.

If the servers are close together you could mount a directory from one server on the other server and use reqular commands to move files around. You have to configure newserver to allow the directory to be exported (mounted) by the IP of the system that is going to access it and start nfs.

mount newserver1:/tmp /mnt
cp /home/rod/file1 /mnt

This is a copy of an /etc/exports entry to allow another system to mount the /var/extnfs directory on this one:


Yeah absolutely, it makes a lot of sense. I am impressed you query, as it is nice and pretty interesting also .

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