Hello everyone,

It's about a week that I have started to learn Python, and I am planning to design and code a simple chat server, with a bunch of clients as a practice.

I have seen the easiest implementation of such program on the net(just google: "Simple chat server in Python") that one machine is the server, runs and waits for a client to connect. It's a very good example but it's so incomplete that user is not able to type more than one sentence in each turn. So, now that I want to start, I wanted to get some help regarding with, where and how should I start, and once I started and on the process came across any kind of problem, I will definitely ask.

My design is that I have a machine running as server, then multiple clients could connect and communicate through the server. I don't expect to do this in a day, but I'm really eager to do something interesting to learn Python.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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There is already a telnet service on ur mac if u have one
but u can use the modules "asynchat" and "socket" tk make the client and server

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