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Can any one say how to execute the below programs .I need some packages to run the programs .Kindly specify the packages and their links.


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Are you planning to create a web app? Are you thinking of deploying your app on the "Google App Engine" infrastructure? If yes, start with the overview of the Google App engine instead of directly jumping to the meat of things.

If your aim is to create a simple XMPP client so that you can interact with an open XMPP service like Google chat, look into the Smack XMPP client library. Start with the Smack documentation. If case you face problems with the same, seek help on their forums.

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I want to create a im(Instant Message ) bot for my company.So, i searched in our forum.I found the below url.


But, i did not get the more information in that thread and more number of links are expired .I want to send instant message to gtalk,yahoo from my server.

I dont need to use imified API,

I am ready to implement the thing either in java or php .

It will be more helpfull if someone guide me.If you known some links kindly refer me.

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The link I posted in my previous post contained the client library which you can use for making a gmail chat bot. Yahoo uses a different Yahoo Messenger protocol (YMP) for its messenger services and thus would require you to use a separate client library

It would require quite a bit of research if you don't intend on using any of the existing libraries and creating your own one. If you still insist on doing it, start with the XMPP specs/YMP specs for the same.