Hi there,

i used tabControl. In first tabpage, user need to fill in the textboxs(ie:Name,id number,age,address,etc.) Then "Next" button click, a summary of what have been entered in 1st tabpage need to be display in second tabpage. i tried using label to display,

self._label12.Text = self._textBoxName.Text
self._label14.Text = self._textBoxAge.Text

but it doesnt work.. Can anyone help me with this? or is there a better way to do this?

-im using SharpDevelop to create my GUI. I found its quite hard to get online tutorials and information for SharpDevelop. Really need help on this..

Isn't SharpDevelop an IDE, or have they added a GUI as well? The short answer to your question is to use a toolkit that is not so obscure. There is wxFormBuilder and wxDesigner for the wx toolkit and VisualPython for starters; see also the "Python GUI Programming" and "Starting wxPython" sticky threads. To answer your question, the general way is to use a set() function, or label.text =, but no idea for SharpDevelop.