I wrote these functions and when I call them they're not working ... and I don't know why.

here is the code for the functions

istream& read_notes(istream& in, vector<double>& nt)
		double x;
		while(in, x){
	return in;

istream& read_info(istream& is, Info& inf)
	is >> inf.name;

	read_notes(is, inf.notes);


	return is;

here's the program:

int main()
	vector<Info> Data;
	typedef vector<Info>::size_type vc_sz;

	Info record;
	string::size_type maxlen;

	cout << "Enter the names and the notes: ";

	while(read_info(cin, record)){
	sort(Data.begin(), Data.end(), compare);

	vc_sz size = Data.size();

	return 0;

I used a struct with string name and vector<double> notes

The thing is ... if I try to compute only the names it works, could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ... I compared it to one of the examples in the book ... and it looks right ...


what exactly do you mean by "it doesn't work"? Compiler errors? If yes, then what are they ?

Sorry ... I just mistyped something ... it works fine now ... thx tho ...
while(in, x) << I typed , instead of >> ... that's why it wasn't working ...

lol ... I realized that just after I posted here ...

thx tho!

btw Info is the struct I defined gerard ... so record is a struct of Info type.