I've been experimenting with different Python IDEs since I started to learn Python.
I must say that WingIDE is the best I tried, but unfortunately it's not free and that 10 minutes use is killing me. So I decide to write my Python programs in DrPython which was recommended by vegaseat.
DrPython is very pretty nad very customizable IDE.My question is how to debug with DrPython if I have unexpected program behaviour?
Does DrPython support debugging at all? It's seems that it's not have breakpoints. I usually switch to PythonWin to trace bugs, but I wonder if there is some plugin for DrPython to allow debugging.
Do you know any?
By the way, I'm using version 3.10.13

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Since, I cannot edit post I'll make a new post.
I manage to find SimpleDebugger from plugins in sourceforge.net.
However it doesn't work, when I install it and choose all default settings I get error when starting DrPython that module drPositionChooser cannot be found and debug plugin will be disabled
Any help?


DrPython has a plugin called PyCheckerSupport. You have to download and install PyChecker on your own and then give PyCheckerSupport the location of Checker.py

You can read about PyChecker here:

A classic debugger is part of Python in module pdb. Simply use help('pdb') to get more information. That module works very well with DrPython. For a short beginners tutorial on Python's 'built-in' debugger see:

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