Hi all,

I have had some experience using pointers in C and C++, but not in VB6.

I am using a function that requires as an argument (ByVal lPtrBuff As Long, ByVal lWriteSize As Long). I am assuming this means a pointer to the beginning of the data I want to use, and a long integer of the data's size in bytes.

The data I want to use for lPtrBuff is stored in a file. How do I send it to the function? Also, how do I calculate lWriteSize? I don't really understand the internal workings of this function, but if I can send it the right arguments I am pretty sure it will work for me.

Thanks again for any help



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it would help to have the function name.
basically you would use the function name and pass the variables to it.

{FunctionName} lptr,iwrite


this is the function that I want to use. it should be noted however that I didnt write it, I am just trying to use it...

Public Function WriteWavData(ByVal lPtrBuff As Long, ByVal lWriteSize As Long) As Long
Dim lSize As Long
If (m_hMmio = 0) Then
errHandler 5, "WriteWavData"
' Write to the data chunk:
lSize = mmioWrite(m_hMmio, ByVal lPtrBuff, lWriteSize)
' Check we wrote the right number of bytes:
If Not (lSize = lWriteSize) Then
errHandler 6, "WriteWavData"
End If
WriteWavData = lSize
End If
End Function

What I mean by my question, however is that the wave data that I want it to write is stored in a file. How do I cram that into that function?

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