like the thread title said i need the best C book for never programmed person can you please tell me it

sorry for this i didn't know that's there was c section

1 question only i need help in because iam going to use pdf books

which better

learn c in 21 days
c for dummies 2nd edition

>The C Programming Language...
No, The C Programming Language (also known as K&R) is a fabulous book for learning C90 if you already know how to program in another language. It's not very friendly to absolute beginners though. C Programming - A Modern Approach by K. N. King is often recommended as a first book on C. I'm partial to Pointers on C by Kenneth Reek, but it's no longer in print and likely to be expensive.

>which better
>learn c in 21 days or c for dummies 2nd edition

They're both bottom of the barrel and shouldn't be considered.

i think iam going to take C Programming: A modern approach but is this for non programmer ????

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