Hey there im doing a simple two up dos program for an assignment and im having some issues, we have been given a skeleton with methods and forms within it and im pretty sure were not allowed to change it. heres my code:

class TwoUp {
        Coin coin1 = new Coin();
        Coin coin2 = new Coin();
        void Play_TwoUp() {
            const int HEADS = 0;
            const int TAILS = 2;
            //const int ODDS = 1;
            int coin_one = coin1.Flip();
            int coin_two = coin2.Flip();
            int score = coin_one + coin_two;
            int player_score = 0;
            int house_score = 0;

            switch (score) {
                case HEADS:
                    Console.WriteLine("You threw Heads - You've won!");

                case TAILS:
                    Console.WriteLine("You thre Tails - You loose.");

                    Console.WriteLine("You threw Odds - Throw again.");

        void Replay() {

        public TwoUp() {


        public void Play(int menuOption) {


    } //end class TwoUp

My problem is that the int coin_one = coin1.Flip(); and coin2.Flip()
come up as cannot convert void to int, however i do have another game which required me to do the same and it has worked by doing it the same way. both are void methods.

You don't show the Coin class so it's hard to tell what you need to do.

On the other hand, no where do you have code where you call a void method and store the result in an int. No where. Let me make it clear: No where. void means nothing is returned.

As Momerath says, void is void. It is not a value that can ever be returned, unless we confusing it with C/C++ (void *) which can be mapped onto any other pointer type.

I fixed the problem ages ago, I was in a rush so wasnt thinking properly haha wasnt ment to use the coin classes Flip, was ment to use another method to return a bool.

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