I need help and I am not sure if this is even the right forum. I am new to n-tier programming. So I have developed a DAL using datasets, a BLL that is probably not very robust because I really do not know 100% what I am doing, and I also have a presentation layer. In my program I need to send emails out depending on certain conditions. Let me give a little background on what I am developing so that maybe someone can assist me better. I have a website that will be used to set-up users with access to systems that they use on the job. There are several programs that users need to be set-up for. Not everybody has the same access or will even need access to every system. The IS department is in charge of setting up the access for most of these programs. But there are some that are done in different areas. The systems are listed in a database and the ones that need access set up elsewhere have an email address in the database also. So once the IS department sets up the user on the network in AD then an email would need to be sent to those other areas but only if that person needs access to that system.

So I guess my question is how should I go about doing that in an n-tier environment. In the past most of my coding was done in the code behind, but with this I have used classes in my BLL. Should this be a class because then I need to send an email to the manger when all access is set-up. Keep in mind that my front end right only has gridviews done with objectdatasources. I do not really know how else to use the data from the BLL on the front-end. I have not gotten that far and I am quite confused on how to do that. The only references I can find for the presentation layer shows gridviews, not individual fields, etc.

As I am new to this type of programming please be patient with me. Any advice or code examples would be very helpful. Thank you in advance. By the way I am working with ASP.net and C#.

Maybe you could write a webservice to send this email? Do that, and have your BLL reference the service, and use its methods to send the email?

I do not know much about webservices and my company would rather not use that in this project. Any other help? Please

I figured it out. Thank you.