I can get into my account and read all my emails, but when I go to send something it says "error on page" on the bottom left corner of the screen, and nothing happends. I can type my message and everything, its just when I click "send" nothing happends just the error sign...
It started yesterday when I clicked on the "tools" then I turned "rich-text editor" OFF.Now no matter how many times I click it again the thing wont turn back ON.. I dont know if thats what caused it or not, it doesnt seem like it, because I also have a yahoo account which will not let me send either, says the same thing "error on page."
One other thing, if I keep pressing F5 and refreshing it, SOMETIMES it will let me send, and the rich text seems to be on... That only happend a couple times though, I been clicking f5 about 15 times and it wont work again... so I dont know whats going on!! :mad:
Thanks A lot for any kind of help!!

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The thing is sometimes due to a less harmful virus the smtp settings are modified ... so what i recommend is format your computer because even i dont know how to bring those settings back to normal or default... :P

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What Browser?

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Does other email provided worked? Like Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

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Anyone???? :(

Hi there mate. I'm having the same problem with my RTE. It will not turn back on, and when I send an email the text disappears except for my personal signature. I have emailed Hotmail support twice, gotten a good response, but their instructions have not helped at all (mostly changing internet options settings.) Wondering if you have had any luck fixing this in the last few weeks? Cheers.

Hi, I am new here but I am on the receiving end of the same problem. I had a personal signature, I thought that was the problem so I went to change it and when I clicked okay, it changed it to <br><br><br><html><div></div></html>

I am also having the issues of typing a message and then sending only for that coding to replace the entire message...

EDIT: I'd like to add that I can't delete my personal signature or the rich text toolbar in the personal signature options either...

I still havnt figured it out.... It wont let me send any email from any account - hotmail, yahoo, aol... It will let me read it though. Also I can send emails from my college email account :confused: but thats it.

Ever since I turned the Rich-Text editor OFF its been doing this, and it wont let me turn it back on, I been trying everything.

Anyone know whats going on?

I fixed my problem by going to options and changing both security and advanced settings back to default...try that

Thanks, I tried that but still nothing... you know when your in hotmail and you click "send massage" then your at the page where you put in the adress, subject, message, etc... Well right above where you write the persons email adress there are thoughs little icons, one says save draft, attach, and Tools. I click tools and go down to rich-text editor which says "OFF" so I click on it again to try and turn it back ON but a message comes up asking if I'm sure i want to turn off rich-text or something like that, and I've clicked "ok" and "cancel" about 100 times each lol. Do you know how to turn that back on? I think thats the problem, cuz if I keep pressing F5 and refreshing it, adventually the rich-text editor is on and it will let me send! But I mean I have to refresh it about 20-30 times! ???????

Well my problem is back, it was fixed for one email

I have also mysteriously started getting this issue.
When I try to reply or compose a new message in Hotmail, the IE6 icon in the status bar tells me there was an error on page.

Another weird thing that i have noticed is that even though the 'Rich-Text Editor' is ON. I do not see the formatting toolbar in the new message window.
I think this might be causing the problems stated in this forum and my own Hotmail account.

Now when I try to turn Rich-Text Editor OFF, I keep getting the message 'An error occured. Click here to resolve the issue.' Which doesn't help.

I'm stuck and can't figure out what else to try.
Any ideas or help will be appreciated.


I' m have exactly the same problem since the rich text editor. The strange thing is that it only causes errors on my computer, i can still send mails from other computers. Maybe the problem is caused by something in cache memory?

Has someone found the solution yet?

Hi, I was still having the same problem, and after numerous emails back and forth with Hotmail, no joy. My wife's Hotmail was working fine though, and since she has a separate Windows user account, I set up a new one and scrubbed the old. Since then I haven't had a single problem. I think that a setting within my user account became skewed somehow, but still have no idea what, and neither does Hotmail. Simplest way to solve the problem until we can all have Gmail. Hope this helps. Jake

seemed to have fixed the problem with hotmail not sending emails, so switched to "full version" from "classic version" (why dont they just give us ONE version that works!!)

see options top right.

anyway seems to be working now. bback if not.

I, too, am unable to send out messages using my hotmail account. I have tried all the suggestions people have made (short of opening an entirely new account), and it still will not work. Any suggestions?
Another issue I am having is that I can view the list of messages in my inbox, but if I try to click on several to delete them, nothing happens. So I have to open the message to be able to delete it.
Also, I have tried to switch to the "full version" of hotmail, but it says I am already using the full version...yet when I log in, it tells me that I am temporarily on the classic version due to an error encountered during login.
I had this problem before and actually resorted to resetting my computer to factory settings...it helped for a while, but now the problem is back. Help!

The thing is sometimes due to a less harmful virus the smtp settings are modified ... so what i recommend is format your computer because even i dont know how to bring those settings back to normal or default... :P

What Browser?

I have the same problem.....I cannot send any e/mails I can recv, but not send........please help

No body has replied? Probably because no one has a solution

Hi Everyone! I have the same problem as you I can't send message's and you as I can't do enything to stop this you only can change to gmail, yahoo and others!

mine ses sent and than i get a email saying this is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients faiure than it shows my email anyone know how to help me

Does other email provided worked? Like Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

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