hopefully I can explain this well. I have an application built in vs 2008. The main form is a MDI form with a datagrid for record selection. When the user double clicks on the datagrid it opens a child form with the selected information. the problem I'm having is once the child form appears if I move the mouse up and down I can see the cursor moving as if I was holding the mouse button down on the datagrid and selecting/deselecting multiple records. It will do this until I click on the child form. I've tried setting the focus to the child form but to no avail. It's almost as if the MDI form doesn't realize the mouse button has been released until I click on the child form. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you declared the child form as MDI child and set the MDI parent to the MDI one?
Do you open the child with show() or with ShowDialog()?


the child form is set up as a MDI child of the MDI form. currently we're using show() instead of showdialog().

Show() enables both forms so is normal that you still have the mouse jumping on your parent form.

Showdialog() enables the child form while disabling the parent. Give it a try.

Hope this helps

I got that to work, but I had to make sure the new form was not a MDIchild of the main form. At least it does what I need it to, Thanks for your help!