Many of the student don't know how to find connection string, if they find then there will be some mistake. it's a simple idea to find connection string try it. and vote for it

how to find connection string of any database or any server like, access or sql or Oracle???
to find connection string.

first open the new notepad.
don't write anything it it.
just save any side like my document,or Desktop
with any name and give it's extension. " UDL ".
after there will be one PC type folder will be created.
double click on that folder and go to first tab that is Provider.
select your provider like Access, Sql etc. and go to Next tab that is connection.
if access then it will tell you enter database name or you can locate your database .mdb file and
if it is sql then it will ask you your server name, authentication and database name.
select it
and click on text connection
it will give message connection is OK.
then close the file and further open that file with notepad
you will get your connection string.
try it and enjoy

you may also want to look at
They have a very good list of connection strings for jus tabout anything.

Thanks for that link, you have no idea how useful that will be to me in the next week! I should be doing some database centred work this week but I'm not sure which DBMS I'll be using, so that website will definitely come in handy.

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