Imagine a tollbooth at a bridge car passing by the booth is expected to
apply a fifty-cent tool. Mostly they do, but sometime a car goes by
without paying. The tollbooth keeps track of the number of cars that have
gone by and of the total amount of money collected.
Model this tollbooth with a class called tollbooth. The two data items are a
type-unsigned int to hold the total number of cars, and a type double to
hold the total amount of money collected. A constructor initializes both
these to 0. A member function called payingcar increments the car total
and adds 0.50 to the cash total. Another function, but nopaycar( ),
increments the car total but adds nothing to the cash total. Finally, a
member function called display ( ) displays the two totals.
Include a program to test this class. This program should allow the user
to push one key to count a paying car and another to count a non-paying
car. Pushing the ESC key should cause the program to print out the total
cars and total cash and then exit.

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